what the hell is so special about that red jacket

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Jack borrowed my red jacket for his trip to Prague and then sent me this.

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Anonymous asked: I know you miss the old jacksgap and everything... but don't you think they are just trying to make their fans happy making high quality content ? I think they would be sad and disappointed if they see your posts :/

i’m sorry for being nostalgic? i’m not saying anything against their high quality videos i love their development, but i think sometimes less is more and i really miss their dorky funny old videos where they were just enjoying themselves.

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remember jacksgap videos


remember when the twins went to university and they made cute little videos about their rooms and were so proud of it


remember the twin mails with the ginger biscuits and the tea and the maoams and the happy times



queenzoesugg asked: your blog is perfect! omg how was i not following before

thank you! :)

Anonymous asked: /post/82399209160 where is this from?! *heart face emoji*

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